Want to make “BIG” trifold board projects?

The National History Day competition Exhibit categories gives competitors a “Box” of space 6 feet x 30 inches wide x 40 inches deep. This about the perfect dimensions for 2 standard trifold boards which is what most competitors use. I have found that the entire space needs to be used and this means connecting 2 boards together. The major problem is transporting the boards as the connections are typically pretty weak and the boards tend to fall apart.

Just google images of NHD Exhibits

A former student (whose name is lost to the sands of time) came up with this system and I found it so brilliantly simple that I encourage all of my Exhibit competitors to use it. I call it the Popsicle Stick Method. It is study and yet the boards can be disconnected for easy transportation.

The video is much better.