Just wanted to pass this along. My school asked us to do some Semester 2 goal setting with our advisories. I have 12 Sophmores but this was modified from a ‘helping hands’ activity my wife was doing with her 4th graders.

Students drew their hands. Then they wrote a goal in the PALM because it is something they have within their “grasp”.

Next they added a goal reflection on each finger.

THUMB – Who is your Thumb-Buddy? The person at school you can turn to when you need helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or an open ear?

POINTER FINGER – What is your 1st step in reaching your goal?

MIDDLE FINGER – What is the obstacle in the way to reaching your goal that you are going to give this finger to?

RING FINGER – Who is someone outside of school that you can turn to for help or who you want to share your success with?

PINKY FINGER – What is the pinky promise that you are going to mke to yourself in order to reach this goal?

This was a simple 15 minute activity. If Inwere to do it again though I would ask for more details in the fingers and talk with the students about setting goals. Unsurprisingly nearly all of them wrote something about getting good grades which is fine at school I guess. It is bit heartbreaking that that is the first and only place their minds go to though