Unit 2’s Ladder Match Boss Fight Assessment was a huge hit! Which means that the students are going to want to have more of these creative assessments which is both good (they are super engaged and perform better) and bad (now I have to get creative instead of just giving them the test). So I am once again going to the WWE for some rastlin’ inspiration. This time – an Elimination Chamber match.

General Principles

  1. Collaborative Victories are important
    • In this case eliminating the other wrestlers.
  2. An individual assessment
    • I will use Plickers to collect the individual data before any game mechanics.
  3. Be Active. Give them something to do beyond answering questions
    • Throwing paper balls and/or rolling dice
  4. Mix it up
    • This is a 90 minute class they will need to have some curveballs thrown in around the 30-40 minute mark.
  5. Games are not fun without obstacles
    • The Boss has to fight back
  6. Losing is OK
    • Even the best wrestlers drop their championship belts. Playing a game without the ability to fail is BORING!

Elimination Chamber Match in Real Life

Well, as close to real life as scripted athletic combat can be.

The Elimination Chamber is a 6 person match that takes place inside of a cage that surrounds the ring. It is closed on the top and sides so there is no escape. The extra gimmick is that there are 4 pods – one on each corner – and four wrestlers are put in one pod each. Two competitors start in the ring and after a predetermined amount of time one random pod is opened until all 6 wrestlers are in the ring. As the match goes on the wrestlers are individually pinned or submitted until only one winner remains.

Elimination Chamber Boss Fight Assessment Set Up

This will be a throwing game.

My 9 year old has been very into the WWE and has accumulated a plethora of 7-8 inch tall action figures. I have… borrowed… these toys so that I can play with them use them for this game. I this picture you can see 4 of the 6 wrestlers that will be competing in the Elimination Chamber. AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, The Undertaker, and Big E. Styles and Rollins are in the ring and Taker and Big E are in the corners where the pods will be located. I am 3D Printing some cages that will be set overtop of the wrestlers so that they will not be knocked over too quickly.

This is a mat from my old card game that flopped. This is early in the design phase and it will be updated before the Chamber Match.

The game will start with 2 of the wrestlers in the ring and 4 wrestlers, one in each corner, underneath the 3D printed cages. My assessments are about 40 questions long and after every 5 questions a new wrestler will enter the ring. Each wrestler will be given a number and order of the entry will be random.

Since this is a throwing game there will not be an actual cage but the mat will be visually suggestive of the Elimination cage.

Victory Condition

Before each match, a random wrestler will secretly be selected as the student’s avatar in the ring. If their wrestler is the final wrestler standing then they will win. Each wrestler’s status will be revealed when they are first knocked down.

Pin Attempt

Students will each have a hard copy of the assessment during this game. They will cut out each question. When answering a question correctly, the student will turn that question into a little paper ball. If they answer incorrectly, then the question is put into an envelope to be studied from.

Each time a student answers a question correctly they will throw the paper ball into the ring. When a wrestler is knocked over it is a Pin Attempt. A D6 will be rolled and if it lands on a 6 then the wrestler is pinned and will be removed from the Elimination Chamber. If a Pin is successful then it will be revealed if the wrestler was the student’s avatar.

The Comeback – What happens if the student’s wrestler is pinned

If the student’s wrestler is successfully pinned it will trigger a “Comeback”. There will be a paper lunch bag just beyond the Elimination Chamber. If the student’s wrestler is pinned they cannot knock down any other wrestler. They will attempt to throw their paper balls into the paper lunch bag. If and when they are successful their wrestler will get back on their feet.

If a non-student wrestler is successfully pinned a paper bag will be placed on the floor near the ring. If any paper ball lands in that wrestlers bag they will be re-entered into the Elimination Chamber.

Special Attacks

If a non-student wrestler is knocked down it will reveal their special attack. If they are not successfully pinned the attack will take place on the next question.

  • Attack 1 – All students must throw with their non-dominant hand
  • Attack 2 – All students must throw with their eyes closed
  • Attack 3 – All students must be touching the wall while throwing
  • Attack 4 – All students must have both knees on the floor when throwing
  • Attack 5 – All students must throw with their backs to the board