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Game Inspired Design in the Modern Classroom

What is it about gaming that is so engaging? How can we take those engaging traits and apply it to our classrooms?

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Despair and Hope and thoughts on a tragedy

If you, dear reader, have been a follower of my blog its likely that you've noticed I will occasionally talk about my young boys. I have 3 boys - 7, 5, and 2 months - and they are an inspiration... Continue Reading →

Student Created Trading Cards

I've been having so much fun creating cards for my class that I thought students might have fun making them too! Here are a few examples: I created the project with a few concepts in mind. First, I love the... Continue Reading →

EDURPG pt III: Battle Mechanics and Plickers

For most Role Playing Games (RPGs) there a few core mechanics that can make or break the experience for the player. Most RPGs have deep and complex narrative that is an important focus and driver of the action. Often there... Continue Reading →

EDURPG pt II: Avatar Types

For Christmas this year I finally got Skyrim! This Action Role Playing Game is just awesome. The game begins with an introduction to the complex narrative the shows off the medieval fantasy atmosphere. I love the deep and immersive world... Continue Reading →

EDURPG Series: Making Enemies

Man... I am making enemies... No, literally. I am creating them! MWAHahaha! (Here's a pdf link if that Embed doesn't work right - Enemies. ) I am working on an EDURPG model inspired by a little Dungeons and Dragons and a... Continue Reading →

Grace and the Winter Formal

Every year my school puts on a Winter Formal Dance which means that for the past 10 years I have had to chaperone the Winter Formal Dance. It's fine. We have a small school. We have never had a major... Continue Reading →

Making Cards with Mtgcardsmith

One of the most frequently asked question I receive is how I make my Powercards look so good. These are some of my favorites:   I wish I could take credit for the look of these cards but all of... Continue Reading →

Sketchnote Day 2018

I will freely admit that I am a Sketchnotes Noob. I also admit that I have very little in the way of artistic skill. Its one of those "mind is willing but the flesh is weak" deals. My creativity and... Continue Reading →

The Gamification F-Word(s): a Snail Bob case study

Failure... Feedback Loops... Fiero... Fun Fail States... And Four... As in Four Year Old... As in my Four year old son playing Snail Bob. A few days ago I happened to stumble on my 4 year old playing a game... Continue Reading →

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