Twitter chats are a great way to both reflect on your practice and explore new idead and techniques. Fact is, if you are reading this then you probably found my blog through a Twitter post or chat. I regularly participate in both #xplap (Tues 10ET) and #games4ed (Thurs 8ET).

The only downside to Twitter chats is that to participate you need to fit the chat into your schedule; however as I explored in Impact of Netflix, we are living in an On-Demand world! I can’t always be on my smartphone or laptop at the right time. 

So I want to start #xplapcamp. The concept of a “slow chat” has been around for awhile, but I don’t like the “slow”. Instead let’s think if this as gamification PD On-Demand! If you would like to participate (all are welcome) I will be posting a new question everyday Monday through Saturday based on a theme for the week. Sunday is a day for rest and reflection so the standing question for Sunday will be that weeks Successes and upcoming Opportunities.

I am trying my best to keep questions open-ended and classroom oriented. I hope to foster participation and participants that are open minded, assume good intention, and are willing share their experiences. 

We are all trying to do what’s best for students. 

Last this is in no way ment to replace the other excellent game inspired education chats. My inspiration is from #xplap and #games4ed and I hope this is a useful supplement for those educators that are seeking an outlet throughout the week!

#xplapcamp will begin August 14, 2017! Questions are below! Hope to see everyone there!

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