We are going to try something a bit different this week at #XPLAPcamp. I am intrigued by the idea of “Game Jams”. Participants in a game jam have a limited amount of time to build a game. From what I understand, this originated as a video game production contest but has also now evolved to include analogue games as well. Also, from what I understand, each participating group receives the same materials and a common objective for the game. In the Question of the Day I will give some specific materials that each proposed game should include but games can also use any common classroom materials a typical teacher would have laying around.

This is my very vague understanding and if a game jam veteran wants to explain further I would be happy to adjust. Normally I would post the questions in this first week post but since game jams are limited time events I am posting only Monday’s Question. As always, I will post question of the day at 6am and 6pm Eastern Standard Time. Post whenever and post longer blog posts if desired.

10-2 Q1 Game Jam