Legend says that the last time the 6 Oracles met in the land of Terra their combined Source Energy fractured the world. These fractures form the borders of the 6 modern nations.

You can see the Oracle’s fractured meeting location here in the Eastern portion of the map.

Recently folks have reported strange occurrances that suggest the Oracles have once converged – Ravens have been seen circling and flowers have bloomed in winter, but without a doubt the most disturbing and frightening occurance has been The Rift.

The rift periodically pulsates and then lightening spews out. In the location where lightening strikes travelers have reported withered figures wandering the lands… At least these are the reports of travelers that have survived the encounters. The stronger fighters suggested what can only be described as Zombies wandering the lands. Rumors attributed to the Oracles themselves suggest these withered beings are the soulless shells of past historic figures sucked through this rift in time. They are seeking a path home and, jealous of the whole people they encounter, drag their victims back to the rift only to see them sent adrift in time. These Time Zombies must be defeated in battle to weaken them enough to release their grip on this land enough to be gathered back into the rift.


There are 3 ways to win this game. This is the first and simplest. The Students must simply clear the board of Time Zombies by the final day of the semester. This is easier said than done.

Borrowing one of my favorite mechanics from Pandemic the board has an automatic zombie placement featute. Every Monday and Tuesday a card will be selected showing where the Rift has sent a new Zombie Horde.

In this case a Zombie Horde would appear in the North West section of the Rakdos Confederation.

Each of the 6 nations has for regions (NE, NW, SE, & SW) and there are 3 cards representing each region for a total of 72 cards. Once a zombie card is on the board it is stationary. A guild must travel to the Zombie Horde and defeat it or risk a potential outbreak. If a second card is selected for a region already containing a Zombie pin then, in addition to a second Zombie pin in,the region, Zombies will be placed in every region of that nation. If every region of a nation already has a Zombie then every adjoining nation gets a Zombie pin.

To defeat a Time Zombie, the guild must complete a Zombie specific physical challenge. The challanges so far include Trashketball, Plank Questions, an Airplane Flight Challange, Roley Chair Relay and Target Practice.

Washington’s Trashketball Challenge

That is vague I know – check out future posts for more. Students can also recruit a “champion” from another guild (or even me!) to complete the physical part of the task.

We have 2 other possible win conditions as well. These include the “Oracle’s Condition” and the “S.H.I.E.L.D. Accords”. Come back soon to read about those!