Original RAMPing Up My Health Post

I don’t know about your family but in mine we tend to have birthday weeks. Last week we went camping and celebrated my sons birthday with the extended family. This week we celebrated his actual birthday with a Taco Night and Blizzards at Dairy Queen (and some wine for the adults). This was his idea since 1) He loves tacos and 2) in a typical DQ trip he only gets a small. On his birthday he requested a large. I admit to chuckling when he complained of a belly ache around 2/3rds of the way through. On Saturday we are taking his friends to TopGolf for snacks and more ice cream. This is a long way of saying that this week was full of celebrations and junk food. Through on top of that baskets full of Easter Candy that were waiting for me upon returning from camping and temptations abounded!

I did indulge a bit but for the most part I was able to celebrate in moderation. I was also able to get out and run a few times and am now on Week 5 of the Couch to 5K program and am well on my way to the May 30th 5K goal. Most importantly I have a lot more energy chasing around my kids. This is fortunate because I have been involved in an extracurricular project for school that is draining everything out of me (I’ll be sharing this next week).

I know it sounds a bit silly but making these weekly posts has been a big motivation. Knowing that I am sharing my progress – either positive or negative – does go through my head as I am walking past those Easter baskets. That part of the RAMP motivator is definitely panning out.

Thanks again.

DateWeight5K Time
3/22 (M)216.1n/a – Week 2 Day 1
of Couch to 5K
3/26 (F)214.3n/a – Week 3 Day 1
of Couch to 5K
4/2 (F)210.1n/a – Week 3 Day 3
of Couch to 5K
4/11 (Sun)210.3n/a – We were
4/17 (Sat)207.9n/a – Week 5 Day 1
of Couch to 5K